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Technical Services

Technical Services

Your in-house resources can be backed by Takamoul Technical Services experts who are armed with program management skills, and insights from hundreds of implementations with similar infrastructures. Collaborating with your team, we deliver solutions based on best practices, reference architectures, and industry standards, ensuring your platform is the best it can be.

Takamoul Technical Services team is dedicated to assist your organization maximize its return on investment with help from the integration, data migration, and reporting tools etc.… When the out-of-the-box solution will not work for you, the technical services team provides customized solutions that allow your organization to efficiently and smoothly execute daily operations.

Takamoul understands that reporting — getting the information you need to run your service when you need it — is critical to your success. We help you organize data from multiple sources, old and new, into reports that make critical information easily accessible. With our experience in data gathering, we minimize  the need for your staff to organize piles of information. This will give your organization the insight it needs to make informed decisions without having to dig through multiple sources and individually analyze records. This allows you to increase efficiency and improve operations and allows your team to concentrate on what they do best.

Getting the right information to and from your team at the right time can have a huge impact on the efficiency of your organization. Take your operation beyond the basics of macro messaging by customizing workflow to support your unique business policies and procedures. Takamoul Technical Services are uniquely qualified to help you integrate and customize your workflow, with years of experience working with customers to develop custom workflow solutions. Update and innovate your users workflow, automate manual processes, guide your users step-by-step through specific tasks, and reap the benefits of more accurate, more complete, and timelier information — safely and efficiently.

If your implementation includes moving from another solution, you probably don’t want to lose your organization’s data. Our Technical Services assist organization like yours with data migration, allowing you to transition to your new systems and without the stress that comes with not knowing if all your data will be there once the new system is implemented. The quick implementation of data into the proper places allows your team to hit the ground running with your new service for increased operational efficiency.