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Takamoul  helps various businesses achieve their goals by framing efficient strategies for implementing our offered technology solutions.

We offer our services to provide most feasible solutions by interacting with our clients, understand and analyze their requirements and offer best in class solution that accurately address their needs and meets their budget.

As a responsible IT consultancy, Takamoul helps you simplify and improve the core technology services in your organizations to be more optimized and aligned to generate the desired business revenues.

Beyond the basics, Takamoul Consulting can provide additional guidance with matching your system’s solution to your business practices. For organizations that need a higher level of technical or business expertise, our consultant can guide you through leveraging your technology and your team. Our Consulting Services can help your organization plan for large, phased roll-outs, considering specialized deployment requirements such as complex integrations and third-party inclusion. Our team can even help manage changes to your policies and procedures, and implement best practice solutions which can streamline your daily operations right from the start.

Once your services is up and running with your Takamoul solution, the Consulting team can perform an Operational Assessment, which assists you in maximizing and fine-tuning the solution for your business. Our consultant will review and analyze your data to determine where your services is performing well and where additional opportunities for improvement exist. They will identify any areas of risk or less than optimal efficiency, and provide you with best practices, specific recommendations on system configuration changes as well as business policy or process changes that will boost your return on investment. Look for improved performance, improved practices, reduction of compliance risks, or better resource utilization. If you’re not confident that your service is operating at peak capacity, an Operational Assessment can get you there.

By leveraging our knowledge of the systems and how other organizations have solved similar challenges, Consulting Services helps customers avoid mistakes previous customers have already made. This allows organizations and technical staff to quickly and efficiently implement a comprehensive solution that will help your organization avoid unforeseen problems down the road. In the end, having a resource that truly understands both the systems and your business provides you a quicker return on investment and a smoother user experience.