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Workplace Ergonomics

Workplace Ergonomics

Workplace Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace, keeping in mind the capabilities and limitations of the worker. Poor work-site design leads to fatigued, frustrated and hurting workers. This rarely leads to the most productive worker.

In most situations good design will go unnoticed, but poor design will be noticed (and complained about!). Workplace ergonomics aims to ensure that any design complements the strengths and abilities of people whilst minimizing their limitations and weaknesses; rather than forcing people to make adaptations to utilize a poor design.

Workplace ergonomists design for the huge variability of the target users, including attributes such as: age, physical size (height, reach), strength, cognitive ability, experience and training, motivation, cultural expectations and goals. Workplace ergonomics knowledge and methodology is used to assess work equipment, environment and systems to formulate improvements in the processes and setups in any workplace.

Workplace ergonomics is all about designing for people.

There are two main objectives:

  • To enhance effectiveness and efficiency in any activity undertaken
  • Enhance the strengths and abilities of people – reduce stress and strain, improved safety, increased comfort, increase job satisfaction.

Why use Workplace ergonomic Consultancy?

  • Workplace ErgonomicsEnsure optimal equipment, work environment and workstation design and layout.
  • Design and maintain best practice work methods and workload.
  • Assess potential or actual problems using the most accurate scientific methods and provide recommendations to improve poor work situations.
  • Assist in increasing the health and effectiveness of employees, including preventing and managing work related injuries and work-related stress.

Involving workplace ergonomists early in the design process:

  • Is expedient and cost-effective.
  • Allows problems to be identified early – before time and money are spent and changes become expensive at a later stage of the process.
  • Ensures effectiveness, efficiency and operator satisfaction are incorporated in the design at the outset.
  • Identifies potential training needs.

Workplace Ergonomic Services Offerings:

Our workplace ergonomics consultancy and work place design services helps businesses learn more about implementing effective workplace ergonomic practices in their workplace.

Workplace ergonomics is a vital component of organization with an objective of ensuring users can perform their jobs effectively, safely and comfortably. Our specialist works with our potential customers, proposing them the optimal products and layout within their office, healthcare or education facility.